Terms and Conditions E-Verify

Last update and effective date: 11/13/2018

Fees & Charges

We charge a signup fee, and we charge a fee for each new hire verification. There are no monthly, annual renewal or subscription fees for any client business. There are no other fees or costs, other than described herein.

  • Signup Fee = $19.00 We’ll enroll your company in E-Verify and provide your Company ID Number in 12 hours or less. 
  • Verification Rate = $4.90 per new hire.
  • Account Activation in 24-48 Hours.
  • If there is a problem with the verification (also known as a Tentative Non-Confirmation or TNC), there is an additional $10.00 charge.
  • No monthy charge!
  • New Hire Reporting included!

Once enrolled, your rate does not increase for as long as your account remains in good standing. 

To keep costs low, we correspond with you by email. 

Responses and other correspondence by fax or regular mail may incur a $5.00 or more (for international mail) fee, per fax or mailing. We invoice by email weekly as charges are incurred and bill monthly; payment in full is expected upon receipt of the monthly summary.

We accept payment by various methods including online via credit or debit card, using a third party processor that may charge us a fee. If you overpay us or pay us incorrectly we will, on your request, refund the incorrect payment (subject to the conditions below).


If you find that you applied to enroll in E-Verify via our service in error, you can request a refund. The amount of the refund will be:

  • If you request a refund before we create the E-Verify account: 100%
  • If we have created the account but you have not yet signed the MoU: 50%
  • If you have signed the MoU and the account is active: 0%


The use of E-Verify requires the collection of personally identifiable information. It is important to protect the privacy of individuals that submit information to be processed through E-Verify. It is your responsibility to ensure that all personal information collected for E-Verify is safeguarded and used only for the purposes outlined in the “E-Verify Memorandum of Understanding for Client Employers of E-Verify Employer Agents (MOU)” between E-Verify, SVP4U and you. Failure to properly protect individuals’ information can result in identity theft or fraud and can cause considerable inconvenience, harm or embarrassment to the individuals affected. At a minimum, you must:

  • Allow ONLY authorized employees to handle I-9 forms and other information related to E-Verify;
  • Ensure that employees’ information is stored in a safe and secure location and that only authorized individuals have access to this information;
  • Ensure that Tentative Non-Confirmation (TNC) and Final Non-Confirmation results are discussed in private with the employee.


You accept the rates and terms described above, and agree to pay promptly for services rendered.

Both parties agree to abide by the requirements of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). We will assume that you have read and understand the MoU; and that any employee information that you send to us for verification has been sent in compliance with the MoU and this agreement.

You agree to submit data from the I-9 forms of new hires between the date that they are offered and accept employment and one (1) business day after they begin work for pay. SVP4U agrees to make its best effort to initiate verification within the timeframes described in the MoU.

You authorize us to resolve all open verifications as appropriate and agree to promptly provide any information required to resolve an open verification.

You understand that SVP4U will act as your agent to the E-Verify program and not as your authorized representative in the completion of Form I-9.  As the employer, you retain full responsibility for the accurate completion of Form I-9.

You understand that all employee information including I-9 forms submitted to SVP4U will be retained in the strictest confidence allowed by law, subject to the MoU; and that the data submitted will be used only to verify employee eligibility through E-Verify and will not be released to any other government agency or individual except as required by the MoU.

You agree to indemnify SVP4U from any claims arising from your failure to complete Form I-9 correctly; to submit new hire information in a timely manner; to process and resolve open cases as required; or to honor the terms of the MoU.

You and we understand that this agreement may be terminated at any time by either party with 30 days’ written notice in accordance with Section I of the MoU.

You understand that we reserve the right to suspend service for failure to pay for services rendered. Suspension of your account and failure to verify new hires according to the MoU can result in penalties including fines and suspension of your business license. We consider an account subject to suspension when there are outstanding invoices older than 45 days.