SSA Tentative Nonconfirmation (E-Veify).

An SSA Tentative Nonconfirmation (TNC) means that the information you submitted in E-Verify does not initially match records available to SSA or DHS. An SSA TNC does not necessarily mean that the employee is not authorized to work in the United States.

An SSA TNC case result may occur because:

  • The employee’s citizenship or immigration status was not updated with SSA.
  • The employee’s name change was not reported to SSA.
  • The employee’s name, Social Security number or date or birth was recorded incorrectly in SSA records.
  • There was another type of mismatch with the employee’s SSA record.
  • Did not enter the employee’s information correctly in E-Verify.

We must notify the employee of this result as soon as possible. After being notified of the SSA TNC, the employee chooses to either contest or not contest. In either case, the employee acknowledges his or her decision on the SSA TNC Further Action Notice.

If the employee chooses not to contest the SSA TNC, we may terminate his or her employment and close the case. If an employee chooses to contest a SSA TNC, the employer must refer the employee to SSA and provide the employee with the Referral Date Confirmation. The employee must visit an SSA field office within 8 Federal Government working days. Employers may not take adverse employment action against an employee because of the SSA TNC during the time he or she is contesting a case result.